[h323plus] Introducing PBoolean - API change alert!!!

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Tue Nov 20 06:19:16 EST 2007

Simon Horne wrote:
> Jan
> A quick check of GnuGk head shows 53 BOOL. Most of them are virtual of
> pwlib/openH323 code. Not too much trouble.
> h323plus shows 4,650 BOOL  :)
> I am certainly supportive of moving everything over to PBoolean as long as.
> 1. We have a compile directive (which I think was mentioned) that subclasses
> PBoolean of BOOL instead of bool and that directive is available to derived
> applications so they can detect which PBoolean is actually being used
> independent of the ptlib version so legacy code can still run OK with newer
> versions of ptlib and as Jan mentioned we can add a typedef PBoolean BOOL
> for legacy compilations of GnuGk.

Just so I understand, you want the following:

    - A configure option to use a backwards-compatible version of 
PBoolean, and to ensure the symbol BOOL is defined as before. This is 
already present

    - A runtime symbol that indicates whether the new PBoolean type is 
being used

If this is the case, then I see no problem.

> 2. The ASN.1 compiler is changed to PBoolean (I don't know whether that has
> been done yet?). There certainly is a few ASN.1 files that need reparsing.

It's simple find and replace. I've just checked in a new version of 
ASNParser that uses and outputs PBoolean.

> 3. A clear ptlib version this will become effective of so we can all sync
> together to make a smooth transition. Next monday is a little short notice
> :)


> Anyway if I get sometime this week I'll check out the ptlib branch and
> produce a h323plus branch and just see what breaks :).

Sounds good.


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