[h323plus] Introducing PBoolean - API change alert!!!

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Mon Nov 19 13:07:59 EST 2007


A quick check of GnuGk head shows 53 BOOL. Most of them are virtual of
pwlib/openH323 code. Not too much trouble.
h323plus shows 4,650 BOOL  :)

I am certainly supportive of moving everything over to PBoolean as long as.
1. We have a compile directive (which I think was mentioned) that subclasses
PBoolean of BOOL instead of bool and that directive is available to derived
applications so they can detect which PBoolean is actually being used
independent of the ptlib version so legacy code can still run OK with newer
versions of ptlib and as Jan mentioned we can add a typedef PBoolean BOOL
for legacy compilations of GnuGk.
2. The ASN.1 compiler is changed to PBoolean (I don't know whether that has
been done yet?). There certainly is a few ASN.1 files that need reparsing.
3. A clear ptlib version this will become effective of so we can all sync
together to make a smooth transition. Next monday is a little short notice

Anyway if I get sometime this week I'll check out the ptlib branch and
produce a h323plus branch and just see what breaks :).


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> Hi,
> I guess making the change won't be very hard for GnuGk and we've
> already started using STL wherever possible.
> The one thing I'm concerend about is to keep backward compatibility
> with older PWLib releases. Some people use really old OpenH323/PWLib
> versions to compile GnuGk and would prefer to keep them.
> Currently we look at the version numbers to see which features are
> available. So if we can simply define PBoolean back to BOOL for the old
> releases, I'm fine with the change.
> If you add config options to change what kind of bool PTLib uses,
> please give us a config symbol so we can detect what to define PBoolean
> to.
> Regards,
> Jan
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