[h323plus] More background on changing BOOL to bool

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Sun Nov 18 23:59:53 EST 2007

Simon Horne wrote:
> Craig
> I certainly have no issue with making changes to make ptlib more C++
> standard especially the PString (Another one to consider is Plist to
> std::list) 

I only mentioned PArray and PDictionary, but the following "etc" was 
supposed to include PList, and all of the other PCollection and 
PContainer ancestors :)

 > and would be happy to assist as long as where-ever possible the
 > changes are transparent to the end developer which most of these
 > changes appear to be.

This is also our concern. Unfortunately, C++ does not help us much in 
the regard, and we don't see any other options. I'd really love to see 
some alternatives, if there are any.

> This is my only reservation with BOOL to bool change and ensuring end
> projects backwards compatibility especially without the C++ virtual issues
> (which IMHO is a showstopper). If we can overcome that then definitely I'm
> on board.

If you have an ideas on how to do this, then we're all ears. This is the 
best we've managed to come up with so far - the reason we're opening up 
the discussion is the hope that somebody else has a better/easier way :)

If not, then the project as a whole needs to decide whether to bite the 
bullet or give up. We can't do any of the other C++ standard stuff until 
this is resolved, so it's pretty important.


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