[h323plus] More background on changing BOOL to bool

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Sun Nov 18 22:32:12 EST 2007

To all,

    Here is some background information on the proposed change of BOOL 
to bool.

    We're trying to move PTLib closer to the C++ standard, including 
STL, because that has many advantages. Not only will it reduce the size 
of the code, and increases compatibility with other libraries, but it 
will leverage off the enormous investment that other developers have 
made into the standard libraries and will increase the usefulness of 
PTLib by making the API less "proprietary"

    To do this, PTLib will require several changes. None of these will 
come without pain, but it is my personal opinion that the advantages 
will outweigh the disadvantages. These changes are:

    - Change BOOL to bool
    - Change PString to use std::string in some way
    - Change PArray to use std::vector, PDictionary to use std::map etc

   The change from BOOL to bool is probably the biggest change. We're 
hoping that the rest of the changes can be done transparently, but I 
think it is inevitable that there will be some API tweaks required.

   I'd be interested in hearing people's opinions on these thoughts, 
especially if the general consensus is that it is not worthwhile.


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