[h323plus] [Opalvoip-devel] Introducing PBoolean - API change alert!!!

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Sun Nov 18 22:17:58 EST 2007

Simon Horne wrote:
> Robert
> Can you explain exactly in simple english
> 1. What you have changed. I assume it's changing every BOOL to PBOOLEAN in
> ptlib?


> 2. So everyone in every program derived from ptlib/pwlib has to change their
> program or when they compile against upcoming releases of ptlib their
> program will no longer function properly. Is that correct?

No. BOOL still works

> For what benefit?  Compile time checks?  


 > moving from BOOL to ANSI bool?


> Though I have always wondered why BOOL was used in place of bool and
> globally replacing in h323plus is fairly easy however for the community as a
> whole who have developed complex applications from these libraries it's
> going to be extremely painful as backward compatibility is broken and worse
> with C++ virtual they will not even notice it has even occurred until they
> run the program. Not a very good situation at all.

Agreed. It is indeed unfortunate.

> For this reason I STRONGLY STRONGLY recommend you don't make this change.
> IMHO it is something inherent with pwlib/ptlib and far too painful this late
> in the game (after 10+ years?) for minimal benefit for everyone involved.

That may be the case. But rather than just make the decision ourselves, 
we have decided to allow everyone to comment, as there are compelling 
arguments for both choices.
> But of course, it already has been decided and the community have a week to
> agree and then it's done. This is what is truely unfortunate.

No, it has not been decided.

We agree with everything you have said, which is why the code is in a 
branch, and we are asking people to comment, rather than just dumping 
the code into head without notice.

One solution could be to make the default behavior be backwards 
compatible (through the correct default setting of the configure flag) 
rather than making the default to use the new bool. That way, all 
existing software need no changes, but people who want to get the 
benefits of the new bool can also do so.

What do you think of that proposal?


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