[h323plus] [Opalvoip-devel] Custom Video Frame Size

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Wed Nov 7 17:41:28 EST 2007

Simon Horne wrote:
> Robert
> Firstly I would like to thankyou for the fantastic work you did on upgrading
> the initial Video Plugin work on the openH323_plugins branch.
> On to this discussion. I asked a specific question on the removal of the
> frame size constraints in the encoder of the plugin codec. Now I don't want
> to break anything so from your indepth response about YUV files and SIP
> exchange example. I will assume its important so I will just leave it as it
> is for Opal. :-)

While Robert used SIP as an example, the exact same issues apply to 
H.323, as the underlying principles are very similar.

Making video parameter negotiation work seamlessly with a variety of 
devices and codecs is not as easy as it seems - what seems to work for 
one combination may not work with other combinations. Opal was designed 
to allow these kinds of problems to be solved relatively easily.

Matthias, Hannes and Robert are doing a great job working through the 
problems, and their views represent a wide variety of platforms and use 
cases. I'm sure the solution they arrive at will be flexible, and will 
be implemented and tested fully.


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