[h323plus] [Openh323gk-developer] Outstanding Ptlib problems (was opalvoip vsh323plus)

Zygmuntowicz Michal m.zygmuntowicz at onet.pl
Wed Nov 7 06:14:39 EST 2007

Hi Craig,

I read your comment for the PIPSocket::Address::AsString fix
and you missed one thing. Even if IPv6 is enabled, getnameinfo
is used only for IPv6 addresses (and not also for IPv4, as it should be)
due to if (version == 6) check.

Another issue is that getnameinfo fails on BSD (and maybe some other)
systems with EAI_FAIL if sa_len field of sockaddr is not initialized with
a proper structure length. I saw that other projects (like PostgreSQL) check
for the sockaddr.sa_len field presence in the configure script and 
initialize it
with a proper value. We could do the same inside Psockaddr class.

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Zygmuntowicz Michal wrote:
> There are still at least 2 open bugs on the PWLib tracker that I submitted
> - PConfig problem with file contents caching and (recently committed)
> PIPSocket::Address::AsString threading issues. There are also some BSD
> issues with sockaddr structures - some systems require an additional field
> ss_len and/or sa_len to be initialized for sockaddr_storage and/or
> sockaddr_in.

I've just checked, and I am not getting email alerts from the OpenH323
bug tracker even though I get them just fine from the patch tracker.

So, please accept my apologies for the delay in getting these issues
addressed. I will look at them immediately


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