[h323plus] OpalCall Concept Question

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Wed Nov 7 04:34:12 EST 2007

Simon Horne wrote:
> Craig
> As you are probably aware we will be taking the existing openMCU in a
> slightly different direction. Having the conference controlled from within
> the conference itself. Using the recently added H.230 conference control
> support in h323plus to be able to use H.245 generic messages to assign a
> chair who can invite/eject users, transfer chair controls to others. Member
> lists can be seen by everyone. A member can be assigned the floor who has
> limited control like being able to takeover the MCU display and switch the
> video input from the primary video to the secondary app share input for
> presentations. Since this developed with the existing openMCU,
> implementations should be able to migrate/upgrade to include these new
> features.

Not sure why you think it is different. OpenMCU already has low level
support for some of the H.245 conference control messages to implement
these functions

And I'm already implementing these kinds of functions in the
Woomera-based MCU


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