[h323plus] OpalCall Concept Question

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Tue Nov 6 22:40:27 EST 2007

Simon Horne wrote:


> Hi all,
> I have just read opal code for a while. The concept of OpalCall puzzles me.
> The OpalCall is not existed in OpenH323 project. It's easy to think OpalCall
> as a gateway between H.323 and SIP connection, however how does this concept
> applied to OpenMCU. In the conference environment, How can OpalCall
> represent a conference or in the other words, how to implement conference
> using OPAL stack?
> Can you give me some advice£¿ Thks.

There is a new version of OpenMCU that uses the same base code, but uses
a protocol called Woomera to seperate the MCU functions from the
underlyng protocol. So far, it supports H.323, SIP and raw RTP and SRTP.
In raw RTP ot SRTP mode, it can support 1000 simultaneous clients.

Right now, it is audio-only but video functionality is being worked on.

See the www.woomeravoip.org site for more information



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