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Robert Jongbloed robert.jongbloed at bigpond.com
Mon Nov 5 17:22:26 EST 2007

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> a smaller memory foot print would of course be nice, but the current
> size isn't much of a problem for GnuGk. I'd have to take see some
> examples of the new interface to get a clearer picture, but I would
> guess GnuGk would be hit pretty hard by those changes since GnuGk
> doesn't use much of the framework hiding the ASN classes. Thus I'd
> prefer to keep the old parser.

The changes are fairly mechanical, though just too difficult to completely
automate as an awk script. Essentially you have code like:

   obj.m_field = value;

is changed to 



   H245_BlahsChoice & blah = obj;


  H245_BlahsChoice & blah = obj.select_BlahChoice();

At run time, the only semantic different is that optional fields that are
absent from the encoding have no default value. So for something like:

  Blah :: SEQUENCE
      field1 INTEGER

We might have had in the past:

  if (obj.m_field2 != 0)

and assumed a default value of the field2 was not encoded. Now if this code
is changed to:

  if (obj.get_field2() != 0)

it will assert, it has to be:

  if (obj.field2_isSelected() && obj.get_field2() != 0)

P.S. I have actually done this conversion once before, it's a relatively big
job, but 99.9% of the errors were picked up by the compiler.

Robert Jongbloed
OPAL/OpenH323 Architect and Co-founder.

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