[h323plus] [Openh323gk-developer] Question about new ASN compiler

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Mon Nov 5 16:45:44 EST 2007


a smaller memory foot print would of course be nice, but the current
size isn't much of a problem for GnuGk. I'd have to take see some
examples of the new interface to get a clearer picture, but I would
guess GnuGk would be hit pretty hard by those changes since GnuGk
doesn't use much of the framework hiding the ASN classes. Thus I'd
prefer to keep the old parser.


Craig Southeren wrote:
> To all,
> Some time ago, an independent group of developers created a new ASN 
> compiler based on the original code provided released by OPAL/OpenH323. 
> This code created by this compiler has been used in several commercial 
> projects that I have been involved in, and it definitely works.
> The big advantage is that the code created by this compiler is MUCH 
> smaller at run-time that the original OPAL/H.323 code. As in ten times 
> smaller.
> The big disadvantage is that the code created by this compiler is very 
> different from the code created by the old compiler. The code uses C++ 
> templates heavily, and there is no way to make it look similar.
> Robert and I have not considered introducing this new compiler to date 
> because of the problems it would cause.
> But, we would like to hear the opinions of other people about this code. 
> If the general consensus is that people would like to see it used, then 
> we will put in the work to make it happen. If the general consensus is 
> that people do think it is worth the hassle, then we will stop worrying 
> about it :)
> I've copied this message to both the h323plus and GnuGk lists as this 
> decision has obvious ramifications for both projects
>     Craig

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