[h323plus] OpalCall Concept Question

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Mon Nov 5 13:29:37 EST 2007


Currently there is no support for OpenMCU in Opal. The existing OpenMCU is
available within the h323plus CVS repository, there are development plans
but currently its not that much different to the OpenH323 version except a
few bug fixes and utilises video plugins.

Opal I understand is planning on developing a OpalMCU at sometime in the
future. I have CC'd it to that list so they might be able to provide you
with more information.


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Subject: [h323plus] OpalCall Concept Question

Hi all,

I have just read opal code for a while. The concept of OpalCall puzzles me.
The OpalCall is not existed in OpenH323 project. It's easy to think OpalCall
as a gateway between H.323 and SIP connection, however how does this concept
applied to OpenMCU. In the conference environment, How can OpalCall
represent a conference or in the other words, how to implement conference
using OPAL stack?

Can you give me some advice? Thks.


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