[h323plus] Question about new ASN compiler

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I certainly I very much welcome to the idea. How it effects opal/h323plus I
think will be difficult but managable as most users access the ASN.1 code
via a project intermediate layer anyway making changes relatively
transparent to the user. How it effects GnuGk is going to be a completely
different animal and I think will require much greater scrutiny.

Honestly, At this particular junction I think we should just take a break, a
deep breath and put this on the back burner for a few weeks (at least) until
things settle down and we can again resemble codiality and revisit the topic
then. I hope we all agree :-)


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To all,

Some time ago, an independent group of developers created a new ASN
compiler based on the original code provided released by OPAL/OpenH323.
This code created by this compiler has been used in several commercial
projects that I have been involved in, and it definitely works.

The big advantage is that the code created by this compiler is MUCH
smaller at run-time that the original OPAL/H.323 code. As in ten times

The big disadvantage is that the code created by this compiler is very
different from the code created by the old compiler. The code uses C++
templates heavily, and there is no way to make it look similar.

Robert and I have not considered introducing this new compiler to date
because of the problems it would cause.

But, we would like to hear the opinions of other people about this code.
If the general consensus is that people would like to see it used, then
we will put in the work to make it happen. If the general consensus is
that people do think it is worth the hassle, then we will stop worrying
about it :)

I've copied this message to both the h323plus and GnuGk lists as this
decision has obvious ramifications for both projects


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