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Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Sun Nov 4 04:39:00 EST 2007

Simon Horne wrote:


> I carefully remind you that the decision to fork Opal out of OpenH323 was
> yours and Craig's decision and you did so with your eyes wide open and the
> subsequent malee that has ensued as a result is something we will all have
> to live and deal with. On that note, I strongly suggest, as I hinted before,
> we bring this discussion to a permanent close.

Gee - I spend a day away from the computer with my family and look what 
happens on the list :)

I agree that there is no point continuing this discussion in it's 
present form. I think that everyone knows what the situation is - the 
horse is dead and everyone else has moved on.

I am still incredibly humbled by the fact that this codebase still has 
the power to induce such passions in people. This shows that there is 
still life in the project(s) yet :)


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