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As I asked before. This discussion is officially closed.

Craig and yourself made a decisive decision with full knowledge of the large
amount of new work I was currently doing in OpenH323 and the effect that
decision would have on numerous other projects such as GnuGk. The result of
that decision is something we all have to deal with.


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> Let me clear something up. GnuGk has numerous new features with the
> h323plus
> library over the openh323 library including H.350 LDAP, H.341 SNMP
> and
> numereous H.460 features including H.460.9 real-time Qos
> measurements,
> H.460.followme and the latest H.460 NAT Traversal technology P2Pnat
> Media
> and Presence implementation which should be available in the v2.2.8
> release.
> The project is continuing it's evolutionary development just fine
> without
> the need for Opal.

OK, that was a misinterpretation by me when Jan said he did not need 90% of
OPAL code. I extrapolated that to mean  he did not use much of OpenH323
either. And I was unaware that they have been using the "plus" branch, I
incorrectly assumed they were on the trunk.

> I wish to caution you on misleading people.

Oh, now things are getting nasty. When accusations like this happen it is
certainly time for the discussion to stop.

> Opal currently, as far as
> I
> know, has no additional H.323 features over the existing openh323
> library
> (aside the video plugins support) unless I'm mistaken looking at the
> can't see anything new?. While h323plus which has been developed over
> the
> last 12 months as a branch of openh323 and has a substantial array,
> as
> mentioned previously, of new features
> http://www.h323plus.org/standards/
> most of which are not currently available in OpalVoIP.

And why are they not in OPAL? Because effort is divided between two

> Now, as I said before, you are quite welcome to port any of these
> ideas to
> Opal but to infer the latest wizzbang H.323 stuff is in Opal (at
> least at
> the moment) is being misleading...

That is not what I meant. I did not mention OpenH323 features explicitly.
And if things had gone the way I had originally envisioned with all new
development being in OPAL then this statement would be 100% true. As it is,
it is only true for non-H.323 features.

> I carefully remind you that the decision to fork Opal out of OpenH323
> was

There is that work "fork" again, even though I have tried hard to remove it
from perceptions. The real fork happened FOUR YEAR AGO. The move to a
different repository is just admin.

> On that note, I strongly suggest, as I hinted
> before,
> we bring this discussion to a permanent close.

Agreed. But accusations of deliberately misleading people could not go

Robert Jongbloed
OPAL/OpenH323 Architect and Co-founder.

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