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Robert Jongbloed robert.jongbloed at bigpond.com
Sun Nov 4 02:02:51 EST 2007

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> I certainly don't know what the fuss is about. 

The fuss is over dilution of effort. Taking up valuable developer hours
porting from one to the other, multiple releases and bug lists, and most
important the cross posting on lists! :-)

> Opal has already
> really good
> H.323 support but you cannot *make* people or *conjole* people to
> migrate.

Sure we cannot *make" people migrate, but what we can do is make it
*attractive* for them to migrate. If everything new is in OPAL, they will
make the effort. If we can get feedback from people we can do whatever it
takes to make migration as easy as possible. The ultimate goal would be just
to change the header files, add an OpalManager and everything else will
"just work". It's never that easy, but that was always the goal.

> H.323 is a very low priority these days with a lot of projects and many
projects may just want to
There is a lot I just cut out which I think is quite misinformed. But
arguing over details does not seem relevant in light of the last paragraph.

> I really want to bring this whole discussion to an end. For the
> majority of
> people it has little relevence. For the rest, it is as it is. let's
> move on.

Very well. We cannot (nor should we be able to) stop you from going your own
way. So, as I said in my first posting, I believe the divergence will
continue and this makes me profoundly sad.

Robert Jongbloed
OPAL/OpenH323 Architect and Co-founder.

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