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Let me clear something up. GnuGk has numerous new features with the h323plus
library over the openh323 library including H.350 LDAP, H.341 SNMP and
numereous H.460 features including H.460.9 real-time Qos measurements,
H.460.followme and the latest H.460 NAT Traversal technology P2Pnat Media
and Presence implementation which should be available in the v2.2.8 release.
The project is continuing it's evolutionary development just fine without
the need for Opal.

I wish to caution you on misleading people. Opal currently, as far as I
know, has no additional H.323 features over the existing openh323 library
(aside the video plugins support) unless I'm mistaken looking at the SVN I
can't see anything new?. While h323plus which has been developed over the
last 12 months as a branch of openh323 and has a substantial array, as
mentioned previously, of new features http://www.h323plus.org/standards/
most of which are not currently available in OpalVoIP.

Now, as I said before, you are quite welcome to port any of these ideas to
Opal but to infer the latest wizzbang H.323 stuff is in Opal (at least at
the moment) is being misleading...

I carefully remind you that the decision to fork Opal out of OpenH323 was
yours and Craig's decision and you did so with your eyes wide open and the
subsequent malee that has ensued as a result is something we will all have
to live and deal with. On that note, I strongly suggest, as I hinted before,
we bring this discussion to a permanent close.


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> The main point for GnuGk is that there is very little to be gained
> from
> a move to OPAL. Its not that I dislike anything thats in there, we
> just
> don't need 90% of the framework OPAL provides.

And that is fine, you can stay with OpenH323.

There are two classes of legacy user: ones such as GnuGk for which OpenH323
v1.18 does exactly what they want and they need no more features. Except
maybe the odd bug fix, the code is as it is.

The second class are people with ongoing application development are in
continuous need of the "next new thing" in the feature list. These are the
people we were hoping to make OPAL sufficiently attractive, due to its new
whiz bang wonder gizmos, to convert to OPAL from OpenH323.

Oh, and suppose there is a third class of those who have not yet started
their project. They should have no reason not to use OPAL. We don't want
them to have a reason. And a major reason for moving OPAL to a its own
project was not to "fork" the code, but to reduce the confusion between
OpenH323 and OPAL.

I will reiterate what I and Craig have been saying all along: we are NOT
abandoning OpenH323 completely. We just have not been doing any NEW work
there as it is a duplication of effort. It is more akin to Ethereal and
Wireshark, Ethereal is what it is at that point of time and all new stuff is
in Wireshark. It is not, and never was, intended that this be a true "fork"
where A goes it's way and B goes theirs. This is the whole reason why I am
so disappointed with the ensuing result.

Remember, this whole thread started with someone asking the question "Should
I use OpenH323 or OPAL, which is better?", a fair question but one that I
did not want anyone to have to ask.

Robert Jongbloed
OPAL/OpenH323 Architect and Co-founder.

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