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Zygmuntowicz Michal m.zygmuntowicz at onet.pl
Sat Nov 3 09:37:37 EDT 2007

There are still at least 2 open bugs on the PWLib tracker that I submitted
- PConfig problem with file contents caching and (recently committed)
PIPSocket::Address::AsString threading issues. There are also some BSD
issues with sockaddr structures - some systems require an additional field
ss_len and/or sa_len to be initialized for sockaddr_storage and/or 

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> Zygmuntowicz Michal wrote:
>> I'd say from GnuGk point of view it would be more
>> important to have long-lived PWLib bugs fixed.
>> H.45x and H.46x stuff is useful mostly for
>> development of custom software only.
>> It's nice to have it, but it's not mission critical.
> Are there any bugs in particular you need fixed? Or are you just talking 
> about general ongoing maintenance?
>    Craig
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