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Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Sat Nov 3 06:30:47 EDT 2007

Simon Horne wrote:
> Welcome Craig
> h323plus currently contains a large array of features such as directory
> services (H.350),app sharing (H.239) conference controls (H.230), SNMP
> (H.341) etc which you did not mention that are not currently available in
> Opal. As I offered previously to you or anyone else, you are quite welcome
> to port any of these ideas to opal (like my H.460.x work craig mentioned)
> with my support so as to provide a more compelling argument for migration to
> opal.

I'd like to see all of these ported over the OPAL, and I'm totally 
prepared to put in the work to do it, but I can only do it with *your* 

Given that you know the code best, what specific feature (i.e. what 
source files) would you recommend I start with?

> But honestly I think you should direct your questions to the various
> projects that were "orphaned" on the executive decision to migrate to
> OpalVoIP and plead the case to them.

I don't see that any projects have been orphaned by the recent creation 
of OpalVoip, or at least, they are no more orphaned than they were before.

As you have correctly pointed out elsewhere, Robert and I effectively 
stopped working on OpenH323 quite some time ago. Our decision to move 
Opal onto a new site does not change that, so any projects that that are 
using OpenH323 will continue to use it, or can use h323plus.

I'm also a little confused by the reference to "executive decision". 
Robert and I have received many requests by Opal users over the past few 
years to move the code to it's own site. We have put it off for all this 
time but we finally decided to do it. If anything, we probably should 
have done it much earlier :)

Our decision to create OpalVoip was no more "executive" than your 
decision to create h323plus, and was probably done for much the same 
reasons :)

> You are most welcome to participate on the h323plus mailing list and provide
> input etc but please try and refrain from touting other projects, it was
> frowned apon on the openH323 list, so it should be no different now.

Everything will be in context, and cross-posts may happen :)


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