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Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Sat Nov 3 01:17:43 EDT 2007

>> H323plus has a completely different focus to that of OpalVoIP and is
>> designed to undertake advanced H.323 development (hence the plus) and
>> unleach the full potential of what H.323 is capable of where are
>> OpalVoIP is
>> more of a generalist which to date has focused a lot of their
>> attention (of
>> late) on SIP.

Here is a specific question for those people using OpenH323 (and now 
H323Plus) instead of OPAL.

What would have to changed in, or added to, OPAL in order for you to 
move from OpenH323 (other than all of H.45x and H.46x stuff we are 
already committed to migrating) ?

In other words, if you configure Opal with only H.323 support (which you 
can do now by running "./configure --disable-sip --disable-iax", what 
makes it so different from OpenH323 that it is worth splitting our joint 
efforts and maintaining two codebases?

If you can answer this question, I promise that the Opal project will do 
it's very best to fulfill the requirements so we can all work on one 
codebase rather than two.


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