[h323plus] Socket aggregation not yet implemented on Unix?

Vlasis Hatzistavrou (KTI) vhatz at kinetix.gr
Fri Nov 2 15:09:32 EDT 2007

Hello Simon,

Thanks for your reply.

I mistakenly thought that socket aggregation was a prerequisite for 
thread aggregation.

Best regards,
Vlasis Hatzistavrou.

Simon Horne wrote:
> Vlasis
> socket aggregration and thread aggregation are completely different things.
> H323plus supports thread aggregation to merge threads to increase call
> capacity in h323plus. socket aggregation is used to allow sockets to be used
> by different threads and is not required for h323plus, it is only used in
> OpalVoIP.
> Simon
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> Hello,
> I have tried to compile H323Plus with Signaling and RTP aggregation, so
> I assumed that I needed to compile PTLib with socket aggregation first
> using "./configure --enable-sockagg"
> However, during the PTLib compilation I receive the message:
> "aggregation not yet implemented on Unix"
> Is there any ETA about this feature?
> Also, is this feature fully available on Windows?
> --
> Best regards,
> Vlasis Hatzistavrou.

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