[h323plus] Migration to ANSI bool in PTLib

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Tue Nov 27 01:26:36 EST 2007

To all,

    As described previously, PTLib is about to migrate the internal type 
PBoolean the ANSI type "bool". This will affect all member functions 
that use BOOL parameters and are overrides of standard PTLib and Opal 

    The reasons for this are to improve efficiency, and to improve 
compatibility with other libraries.

    Backwards compatibility is supported as follows:

- The Unix configure option "--disable-ansi-bool" will enable the old 
"int BOOL" behaviour

-  The presence of the symbol P_USE_STANDARD_CXX_BOOL will indicate the 
new ANSI bool is being used, while the presence of P_USE_INTEGER_BOOL 
will indicate the old "int BOOL" behavior is in effect.

- The new type PBoolean is be defined as either "bool" or "int" as required.

    The plan for migration to the new code will be in two steps:

1. A snapshot of the SVN current development trunk will be created, that 
does not include the PBoolean changes (PTLib 2.1.1/Opal 3.1.1)

2. We will then merge the PBoolean changes into the SVN head. This will 
be (PTLib 2.1.2/Opal 3.1.2)

We'd like to do this in the next few days so we can move on to other 
pressing merge issues (yes Hannes - we are desperate to get your changes 
in! :)

Please email opalvoip-devel at lists.sourceforge.net if you have any 
further questions or issues.


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