[h323plus] Improved QoS support in H323plus

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Mon Nov 19 13:28:14 EST 2007

To All

I have updated QoS support in H323plus. DSCP (Diffserv) is now enabled by
default (if compiled with DNS support). Transport QoS is now also negotiated
between the parties during the capability exchange with the higher QoS value
given precedence over the lower value for both direction media flow.

The default values for DSCP are 46 (guaranteed) for audio and 26 (controlled
load) for Video.
You can change these by calling statics H323AudioCapability::SetDSCPvalue()
and H323VideoCapability::SetDSCPvalue() from your application. You can also
turn off the feature via a new function H323EndPoint::DisableH245QoS().


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