[h323plus] Question about interoperability of asterisk and GnuGk

Simon Horne s.horne at packetizer.com
Wed Nov 14 11:04:32 EST 2007


Looking at chan_h323. It appears that you cannot register Asterisk with GnuGk directly. That's unfortunate. This might be something someone might want to look at :-)

I believe the solution would be to have Asterisk box registered as a permanent endpoint (gateway type) in GnuGk .

Then in asterisk forward all calls to the GnuGk box.
with something like:
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial,H323/${EXTEN}@ip_of_GnuGk


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       I wonder if is it possible to register Asterisk as an endpoint to openh323 gatekeeper (GnuGk)
      because i want to merge the feature of an PBX ( asterisk ) in a h323 zone.

      More precisely,  I'm working around an heterogeneous network (it' s a campus' network) in             witch to an h323 MCU endpoint   had to have the capability to be connected in both:
      - external PSTN via Cisco Gw  users,
      - internal h323 users registered to GnuGK
      - user handled by an asterisk PBX.  (You can imagine that theese are users from a minor building         of the faculty that don't share the LAN of the main building).  --- but this point isn't yet clear

If some one can help me (Can asterisk register to GnuGK in some way), or tell me this is impossible, 
Thank you very much.    


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