[h323plus] H323plus and ptlib 2.x?

Peter Nixon listuser at peternixon.net
Tue Dec 25 07:58:42 EST 2007

On Tue 25 Dec 2007, Adam Williamson wrote:
> So, second question :)
> I've now got h323plus built and in the distro. But it doesn't build
> against ptlib 2.x, only ptlib / pwlib 1.12. This means I have a fairly
> ugly mess of packages in Mandriva right now - separate packages for
> ptlib 2.x and pwlib 1.12 which conflict in lots of fun ways. I need both
> as current Opal wants ptlib 2.x, but h323plus wants pwlib / ptlib
> 1.12...
> I guess h323plus will be migrated to build okay against ptlib 2.x,
> right? Is there an ETA on this? Thanks!

Hi Adam

This is a known issue that I have been discussing offlist with Simon. There 
are some major changes taking place inside ptlib at the moment. The most 
dramatic involved a change in the handling of BOOL. Now that this change is 
complete, Simon has commited to update h323plus, however he (like the rest 
of us) is a bit busy over the holiday season :-)

PS. I am the maintainer of the openSUSE buildservice packages for h323plus, 
opal and ptlib (But not the official SUSE release packages which are 
maintained by a Novell employee)

Merry Christmas


Peter Nixon

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