[h323plus] H323plus and ptlib 2.x?

Adam Williamson awilliamson at mandriva.com
Tue Dec 25 06:39:51 EST 2007

So, second question :)

I've now got h323plus built and in the distro. But it doesn't build
against ptlib 2.x, only ptlib / pwlib 1.12. This means I have a fairly
ugly mess of packages in Mandriva right now - separate packages for
ptlib 2.x and pwlib 1.12 which conflict in lots of fun ways. I need both
as current Opal wants ptlib 2.x, but h323plus wants pwlib / ptlib

I guess h323plus will be migrated to build okay against ptlib 2.x,
right? Is there an ETA on this? Thanks!

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