[h323plus] t38modem connecting to innovaphone IP400

Marcus Robichon m.robichon at llg.de
Thu Dec 20 11:12:13 EST 2007

Hi all,
hope this list he correct list to ask fort he t38modem.
We need the following due to virtualization of hardware:
We use Hylafax as Fax solution. We try to implement t38modem to talk via
H323 (T38) protocol to a innovaphone IP400 router.
First we implemented the OpenH323 solution. We can connect to the
innovaphone router and we can see that the router is calling. But after some
seconds we get a I/O error back. Then we tried to upgrade the whole project
to h323plus and the new release of t38modem (0.8.4). We tried the same but
we get the same error message. Did anybody have a solution for this? 
Attached you get a logfile to see some "blabla" of t38modem. I cannot come
along why this does not work.
This is the string we are using to connect to the gatekeeper on innovaphone:
t38modem -p ttyp0 -tttttt -g  -u HYLA -i
--redundancy H -P T.38-UDP --h245tunneldisable
Have a nice day.
Marcus Robichon
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