[h323plus] Video Codec Plugin Problem Continued

Abhishek Rohilla abhishekrohilla at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 04:29:32 EST 2007


I have done as you mentioned in class derived from H323EndPoint.

I added capabilities as follows.

AddAllCapabilities(0, 0, "*");
AddAllUserInputCapabilities(0, P_MAX_INDEX);

I am using Visual Studio.Net 2003 for my application.

This is the trace in the output window of VS 2003

 Loaded 'C:\PWLIB_PLUGINS\h261vic_pwplugin.dll', No symbols loaded.
 Loaded 'C:\PWLIB_PLUGINS\h263ffmpeg_pwplugin.dll', Symbols loaded.

I guess the dlls are loaded but codecs are not actually plugged in because
of some reason.
When I checked the capabilities only two codecs  G711 U and A law are there
in it and remaining 8 enteries show
H323_UserInputCapability string .

Please Help!!!
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