[h323plus] H.235 AES problem continue

Bian bianxg at yahoo.cn
Tue Dec 11 06:56:14 EST 2007


I have finished call procedure of H.235 and get same H.235 encryption check code with PVX. (See attach)
This is the shared secret(PVX only display 8 bytes long, whereas the h.235.6 indicate 16 bytes long see below). As slave, local endpoint receive OpenLogicalChannel rerquest, which has a parameter  H235_V3KeySyncMaterial. The param content is as below:
        algorithmOID = 2.16.840.                           // <"OID_Z3" which means using AES 128 CBC mode
        paramS = {                                                                  // means IV is 0
        encryptedSessionKey =  16 octets {
          c7 36 02 5c b7 ae b0 cc  97 c8 af bb d5 72 0f 19   .6.\.........r..

Then local endpoint begin to decrypt sessionKey from encryptedSessionKey  using shared secret.
But decryption is failed. Can anyone help to analyse where is the wrong.

The below is piece of code decrypting sessionKey (using openssl-0.9.8g)

    ret = EVP_DecryptInit(&ctx, EVP_aes_128_cbc(), NULL, NULL);
    PAssert(ret, PLogicError);
    ret = EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_key_length(&ctx, 16);
    PAssert(ret, PLogicError);
    ret = EVP_DecryptInit(&ctx, EVP_aes_128_cbc(), key, NULL);  // IV is null here . key is same as PVX's  H.235 encryption check code (PVX only display 8 bytes)
    PAssert(ret, PLogicError);

    ret = EVP_DecryptUpdate(&ctx, buffer, &outl, (unsigned char *)in.GetPointer(), 16);//    but the "outl" returned is 0 which shall be 16 here I think.
    len += outl;
   ret = EVP_DecryptFinal(&ctx, buffer+len, &outl);  // return 0 here, means error is found

(Each entity shall take appropriate least significant bits from the common shared Diffie-Hellman
secret for the key encryption key (master key); i.e., the 56 least significant bits of the
Diffie-Hellman secret for OID "X", OID "X1", OID "Y1" or OID "Y" and the 168 least significant
bits of the Diffie-Hellman secret for OID "Z", OID "Z1" or OID "Z2" and the 128 least significant
bits of the Diffie-Hellman secret for OID "Z3" or OID "Z2", see also Table 6.)


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