[h323plus] Automated answering machine for H.323 and SIP

Craig Southeren craigs at postincrement.com
Mon Dec 3 23:15:55 EST 2007

To all,

    A new automated test tool has been deployed for both H.323 and SIP 

    We have made available different numbers that will provide different 
functions, such as the server time, your IP address, and echo test, in 
either SIP or H.323, and in a wide variety of codecs (G.711, Speex, ILBC 

   Numbers are available for SRV-enabled and non-SRV-enabled clients, 
and for with both numeric and text IDs.

    The numbers are all of the form:

      prot:dest at host

where:  prot = sip or h323
         dest = time, addr, echo, tone, 2337, 8463 8063 or 3246
         host = opalvoip.net (for SRV-enabled clients)
                or sip.opalvoip.net or h323.opalvoip.net

the destinations are:

   time or 8463    announce the current server time
   addr or 2337    announce the clients (your) address
   tone or 8063    play a three element tone
   echo or 3246    enter an echo test

For example, the destination h323:3246 at opalvoip.net is a H.323 based 
echo test for a non-SRV client

BTW: if you are wondering where the numbers come from, look for how to 
spell "time", "addr", "echo" and "tone" on a standard keypad!

All this information is also in the Opal Wiki at:



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