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Have a look at simple example program.


Use ¨Ck to enable H.460.17 registration. (Tunneling registration over TCP
rather then UDP)


Tunneling media over TCP rather then UDP is enabled by default and support
is signaled by the gatekeeper.

Use --h46026disable=1 to turn the feature off.


Setting up the gatekeeper.









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thanks you ,

but i am using h323plus 1.26.0 now.

and i find the way to send data by default is UDP, how to set it to TCP

and  There is no detailed instructions for use.


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If you really are using openh323, it has not been active for many years now.
You should use either H323Plus or OPAL voip depending on your needs.


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is it a bug of OpenH323?

i have a problem in using openh323,  in the OpenH323 transmission channel, i
am send more than 65K of the size of the data, it will not be sent out.

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