[h323implementers] H.323 Update Following the Sapporo Meeting

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Sat Jul 19 18:19:18 EDT 2014


The most recent ITU-T SG16 meeting was held in Sapporo, Japan 30 June -
11 July 2014.  Perhaps most significant at this meeting relating to
H.323 is the fact that we approved two new Recommendations related to
Telepresence systems:

* ITU-T Rec. F.734, "Definitions, requirements, and use cases for
  Telepresence Systems" ITU-T Rec. H.420, "Telepresence System
* Architecture"

Progress was also made on revisions to each of the core H.323
Recommendations, namely H.323, H.225.0, and H.245.  Some of the
enhancements introduced are to support Telepresence systems, including
the CLUE signaling channel.  Support for the WebRTC Data Channel was
also introduced in H.245.  Of course, the work on Telepresence and
WebRTC support is not complete, but progress is being made.

We also adopted baseline text for the end-to-end Session Identifier,
which is work that was initiated a few years ago.  The work is being
progressed in both the IETF and ITU in parallel, with the IETF work
nearing completion.  This work will allow for the identification of a
communication session end-to-end from the point of origin to the point
of termination, even if the call is carried over a mixture of H.323 and
SIP networks.

I have updated the document status page here:
http://www.packetizer.com/ipmc/h323/doc_status.html.  This shows the
current status of the various H.323-related work items in ITU-T SG16.

Best regards,
Paul E. Jones
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