[h323implementers] GNU Gatekeeper 3.7 has been released

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Fri Aug 15 10:01:52 EDT 2014


I'm happy to announce version 3.7 of the GNU Gatekeeper.

This is mainly a bugfix release that corrects a number of errors and
crashes (see below).

Please follow these compile instructions:


Detailed change log:
- allow Comment= in all sections
- new status port command: "debug cfg all" to print the full configuration
- stub code to fake support for Avaya 2.16.840.1.114187.1.3 authentication
  (disabled by default)
- BUGFIX(Neighbor.cxx) fix outbound rules for GWRewriteE164 with neighbors
- BUGFIX(RasSrv.cxx) fix crash on shutdown
- BUGFIX(gkauth.cxx) for passwort auth look at correct src or dest info
- BUGFIX(Toolkit.cxx) more flexible column handling for [SQLConfig] PermanentEndpountsQuery,
  document priority and vendor info setting
- BUGFIX(gksql_sqlite.cxx) return empty string for NULL columns, like the other DB drivers do
- BUGFIX(RasTbl.cxx) fix formatting of PrintAllRegistrations and PrintAllRegistrationsVerbose
- BUGFIX(GkStatus.cxx) better handling when status clients don't quit properly
- BUGFIX(Toolkit.cxx) fix selection of reply address for IPv6

Jan Willamowius, Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project
EMail  : jan at willamowius.de
Website: http://www.gnugk.org
Support: http://www.willamowius.com/gnugk-support.html

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22393 Hamburg
Geschäftsführer: Jan Willamowius
HRB 125261 (Amtsgericht Hamburg)
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