[h323implementers] H323 call in a bash script

Jan Willamowius jan at willamowius.de
Thu Nov 7 03:39:09 EST 2013

Hi Michael,

H323Plus has a sample application "Simple" that takes all configuration
parameters from the command line. You should be able to use that for
your purposes or take it as a starting point and modify it as needed,

BTW: There is a mailing list dedicated to H323Plus development. You can
subscribe at http://www.h323plus.org/lists.html


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Michael A Hawkins wrote:
> I am new to H323+ so please forgive me if this has been asked before.
> I would like to be able to make dial a number to an H323 gateway in order to turn message waiting indicator on and off for some SCCP phones.
> Does H323+ provide a mechanism whereby I can initiate a H323 call from inside of a bash script?
> Michael A Hawkins
> 203-550-5502
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