[aescrypt] Suggestions - permissions, timestamps, and source file naming

Andy Schofield ajs at th.ph.bham.ac.uk
Sat Jan 22 14:25:51 EST 2011

Hi Paul

Just discovered aescrypt. It seems to be exactly what I am looking for - 
a file en/decrypter which is open source and works on linux, osx and 
windows. Thanks very much for creating this.

I've been adapting it to create an rpm (for redhat style linux 
distributions) and had a couple of suggestions/observations for it:

(1) File permissions
I notice that the .aes file created by encryption under linux seems to 
take whatever umask would give it. That may be the preferred solution - 
I genuinely do not know - but I would suggest that the .aes file should 
inherit the permissions of the file it is created from. Presumably the 
same should apply on decrypting.

(2) Time stamps
On that subject, the encrypted version of the file, could perhaps have 
the same creation/modification time as the original. It could then also 
pass that back when it is decrypted.

(3) Name and contents of the source file
It might be helpful (for packagers etc) if the linux source file adopted 
a more standard naming convention, and also included the man page which 
it also put in place.
At present the source file is: aescrypt305_source.tar.gz
I would suggest: aescrypt-3.0.5.tar.gz
which then tar unzips to aescrypt-3.0.5/

These are all very minor points for an already good and useful piece of 
software. Again - thanks for creating this.

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